Summer Offer 2024 – 31st edition


Already a generation can look back fondly and be proud of their memories of growing up in a small picturesque corner of southern Bohemia where, since 1994, SUMMER TIME English Adventure Camps has been held. For years, strong characters and lasting friendships have been formed between children from different countries through imaginative games and a variety of sports all primarily in English under the guidance of native speakers. The removal of language barriers and presence of English lectors significantly contributes to the extraordinary popularity of the SUMMER TIME camp among Czech and foreign participants.


The resort in which our camp has been held for years, is located in the heart of the picturesque South Bohemian countryside. It lies surrounded by forests near the river Lužnice, roughly halfway between the towns of Tábor and Bechyně. The river, forests and meadows create a unique habitat in which we can discover a variety of rare animals and we often take advantage of to further our adventure. Nearby, the river is crossed by the famous Empire style chain bridge, the oldest in Central Europe. The exceptional location of the camp ensures uninterrupted peace, a football pitch, volleyball courts and places for table tennis, perfect for providing space for all kinds of sports competition. We often hold competitions at the camp fire, where of course, we also sing. The spacious clubrooms serve for bad weather, but they are also equipped for organising discos, variety shows and film screenings.


English is equal with Czech as the main language at the camp. Modern trends are leading to the fact that children are becoming familiar with the English language even before they start compulsory schooling, and even at a higher school age, children need the widest possible opportunities to speak English outside school. Our camp is based on this premise and seeks to ensure that children in each age category are given adequate opportunity to broaden their language skills. For this reason, for the duration of the stay, children primarily communicate in English in all activities.


The constant involvement of foreign leaders in all camp activities guarantees natural contact with English, thus becoming a simple means of communication. The skilful leading of activities is reserved for native speakers who cater for each group separately, accommodating different levels of experience and ages. English is present in various games, competitions and songs, becoming an indivisible part of everything including all the fun activities, especially for younger children. The smallest pupil will not only become comfortable with the language, but SUMMER TIME strongly motivates through games, creating a positive attitude towards English, which will stay with them at school while studying. Older kids will be exposed to a wide range of language interaction with frequent, different, challenging activities with a focus on continuous conversation. The intention is to increase the attractiveness of English for young children and others, expanding their communication skills. Each group contains two leaders, one of whom is a native speaker, the second being Czech, with excellent knowledge of English. Together they form a good team and prepare all games, sports activities and a variety of adventures for the children.


Why has SUMMER TIME gained so much popularity in recent years? The basis of success is the cooperation between children of various ages, 6 to 17, but also the groups which are divided according to differences in language level as the entire camp program is taught in English. For the youngest, we assume basic reading and writing skills. Older children don’t only compare their experiences from other camps, but also from previous years, as many of them come to us every year. SUMMER TIME has a special charm for those who will spend their first extended period of time without parents. Though the travel agency SYKA AGENCY is based in Prague, it is definitely not true that our campers only come from the capital. On the contrary – they meet friends not only from various parts of Bohemia, but also from Moravia. Children also come to us from foreign countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and France.


Adventure games have been and will continue to be the backbone of our camp activities. But in English, the term adventure means much more. It is a wide range of activities which deviate from ordinary everyday life. SUMMER TIME’s ambition is to offer more than the other English camps, because adventure experiences form the core of the camp program. Certainly, everyone can imagine that recreational sporting events bring a pleasant way of spending free time, but a tournament, in which several teams compete in front of a large audience, giving their all, where until the last moment of their extraordinary efforts it isn’t clear what their final position will be, means a unique experience, a high degree of concentration and excitement for all involved. That’s how we understand the meaning of adventure, we certainly will not only focus on sport. Other specific adventure include not only sightseeing trips, but also original camp themes each year. Attractive trips have traditionally been of high quality including a selection of the most attractive tourist destinations, as well as with corresponding English commentary. The annual theme is chosen to directly evoke the adventures that will captivate all children. This year, we are going to enjoy the amazing WORLD OF LEONARDO DA VINCI together. On THE WINGS OF THE GENIUS and with your courage, we will reveal the secrets that his works hide. Our adventures will be full of discovery, collaboration and inspiration. You may even realise for yourself that art and science can go hand in hand, leading us to gems that transcend the boundaries of time.

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I. 30 June - 7 July 2024 EUR 280
II. 7 July - 14 July 2024 EUR 280
III. 14 July - 21 July 2024 EUR 280


Experience has taught us over the years to have shorter terms, because during longer stays, older children lose concentration and younger children already openly miss their parents. If we want to maintain a good level and pace, a week is the perfect period for children to maintain concentration, and continuous contact with a foreign language becomes a manageable experience. We therefore run terms of eight days. This is why we believe that this year's 31st edition will be as successful as can be said of previous years.

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